Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Installation & Configuration of EliteBNC

Basically, Bouncer (shortly called BNC) is used to alive always in IRC channels. EliteBNC is one of the free BNC service providers. I recommend EliteBNC for bouncer usage.

Step 1: Install any IRC client on your machine.
#dnf install -y xchat
step 2: Create Freenode account by using this link.
step 3: Open your Xchat and login to your Freenode network.

step 4: Join EliteBNC channel under Freenode network.

step 5: After joining to EliteBNC you will get new window.

In the command box, type !request. Notice that, I have logged in as testuser1. It will request to the EliteBNC server.

Hereafter, you need to register your username with your email id and your favorite channels by using below format.
 !request <username> freenode <your email id> IPv6
For an example,
!request testuser1 freenode IPv6
You will get following this message. You need to wait for some time in order to  verify your identity by one of EliteBNC member.

During verification period you can also check your status of verification by using below command
!check <username>
Once verified, you will get similar response what i get below,

Now, Check your email. you will get mail from EliteBNC with login details.

Now, using above credentials we need to create bouncer network. To do this,

Click add button on Network list. Provide any name for the network. Here I have provided Bouncer as the network name.

Then click "Edit" -> in servers tab -> Enter In Favorite channel option -> provide your favorite channels list. Then very importantly, In password section enter your password (That password you got from the mail). Then finally click connect.

That's it. You always be there in the channels even you really not there in the machine.

If you find any troubles while doing this, feel free to add your thoughts in comments section. Thanks for reading :).


I got this thing from Devyani Kota. When I went to search online about this, I can't able to find an easy way of documentation. So that, I have planned to blog about this. Thanks Devyani Kota :).

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